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Jamstory: or, the heat will be on!

So I got into preserves and canning this fall.  With so many tomatoes coming out of the garden, it was almost a necessity.  And besides the tomato stuff, including green tomato relish and tomato paste and regular ol’ stewed canned … Continue reading

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Mugstory and How to make Cowboy Coffee

Every year (well, twice so far) a bunch of college radio friends gather at a friend’s apartment in Brooklyn for a holiday dinner and gift exchange.  There’s indie Christmas music on the stereo and a roast on the table, and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving came late this year

I’m thankful for Tops always putting the really good and crunchy multigrain bread on sale. I’m thankful for friends who let you crash at their apartment when you visit their first tier city. I’m thankful for all of the socks … Continue reading

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Bread and best things

Several months ago, K was reading this book and decided we should begin making sourdough bread.  I’d always thought that was a cool idea but had been intimidated: maintain a starter?  Harvest wild yeasts from the aether?  Sourdough is just … Continue reading

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