Bread and best things

Several months ago, K was reading this book and decided we should begin making sourdough bread.  I’d always thought that was a cool idea but had been intimidated: maintain a starter?  Harvest wild yeasts from the aether?  Sourdough is just so mystical.  It’s enough to make me crawl into a sleeping bag and pretend I’m sleeping until the thought passes.  That’s why it’s good K is in the picture.  He just doesn’t get as intimidated by things like the mysterious art of sourdough breadmaking, and volunteered to spearhead the operation.

Of course, since I’m the designated kitchen overlord, I ended up with the project.  We’ve come from underwhelmingly flat and outwardly rocklike loaves to something approaching PERFECTION.

So that loaf kind of exploded because I put the boule in the oven upside down.  There’s been a lot of learning – how to get a sourer flavor (longer rest in the fridge for the dough) and how not to set off the fire alarm (run the fan during the steam part!) but everything has been edible so far.  And the starter makes some beastly good sourdough pancakes too.

That’s a perfect loaf.  And that’s a cow oven mitt!

The things you find at garage sales.  She thinks Frank’s Original Red Hot would be great on sourdough bread!

And constantly dreams of escape.

Anyway, I figured out the best thing to do with sourdough bread.  The second best thing is to grate up a bunch of garlic and mix with olive oil, salt, and pepper and dip the bread in it.

The best best thing, though, is to fry some Italian sausage and dip the freshly baked bread in the hot grease.

The best thing not having to do with sourdough bread is drinking egg nog straight out of the carton.  Just ask these guys!

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