Mad skills acquired: embroidery

When I was home for the holidays, my little sister was embroidering Totoro onto a pillowcase.  I must have gotten inspired.  I’d had a mental list of things that needed to be embroidered, just needed that one last push to actually do it.  (Are you noticing a leitmotif in this here blog?)

Yesterday I made some workshop aprons  for the dudes out of a large salt sack.  K had been agitating for those for months.  I improvised the pattern, roughly based on a Home Depot apron – you know, how there are just two long straps that cross in the back and then go through loops at the sides instead of being attached there?  I swear I never knew so much about Home Depot before this building came into my life.  That store is almost homey now.

We have four identical towels, and to avoid using someone else’s (grody) I marked them with color coded monograms and little pictures.  K asked for a van, N requested a bomb, and I have this bangin’ unicorn.

I’ve wanted this line from one of my favorite Nicki Minaj verses (on Luda’s My Chick Bad, starts at 2:15) on some sort of kitchen accessory – cutting board? tea towel? apron! – since I first heard it.  Maybe I’ll add a little spoon and whisk on either side?  Also upgraded with star buttons.

Get like me

All of these were backstitched.  Since then I’ve dabbled in the chain stitch.  I didn’t have a pattern or draw on the fabric (or when I did I couldn’t stick to it) – just freehanded.  Everything I know about embroidery I learned through general nerd/reader cultural osmosis via medieval lit, or from leafing through Jenni’s embroidery book for five minutes, or most importantly from Google Image Searching various stitches.  How did people learn to do things before the the internet?  It’s taught me so much.  Knife skills, embroidery, Photoshop… the list could go on, but in the words of Gwyneth Paltrow, “I boringly digress.”

Unfortunately when I was working on the towels, I kept pushing the needle from the back to the front with the side of my finger and now it’s really sore.  Maybe some day I’ll sew frequently enough that I remember not to do that without having to relearn it every time.

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