Oh… christmas tree

Since tomorrow is Epiphany, I guess it’s cool that our tree is still up.  It’s a full size artificial number with color coded branches that have to be individually spruced before you string the lights on.  I might have done this under the influence of alcohol back in December.

You will have noted several things here.

1. The bay window area is perfect not only as a breakfast nook and general neighborhood vantage point but as a Christmas tree display region.

2. What I call the “spooky corner” on the left there, with the wine and crystals and record player.

3. We didn’t manage to get any ornaments on the tree this year.

4. A huge portion of our decor was handed down from families who had stuff to get rid of.  Tree and lion-face: grandparents.  Lamp and wine rack: parents.

Actually, that last one is huge.  As a young person, put the word out that you’re setting up a semipermanent dwelling place and suddenly you’ll be deluged with offers of household crap!  Or at least we were.  Does this happen to other people?  Under the auspices of helping you out, your family can offload the family treasures cluttering their houses without guilt, and your acquaintances are so happy to get rid of that nice set of stoneware that reminds them of their exes.

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One Response to Oh… christmas tree

  1. OK, guilty here, and laughing so much the dogs are quizzical. At least you have a shop you can sell extra junk? And I hope the other lion is on the other side of the arch?

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