32 bottles of beer on the wall (and other gifts)

Due to various holiday travels and scheduling conflicts, we didn’t hold the Building Gift Exchange until last night.

Friend D joined us.  Although he doesn’t live here and has a Real Job, he’s been part of this crew since the beginning.

His gift to us was an assortment of excellent beer plus a bottle of liquor per person.

And there was much rejoicing.  We’re hoping to brew some of our own beer later this winter, and why not enjoy Young’s Double Chocolate Stout until then?

N gave K a hip flask.

And he wore it all evening.

I guess the theme to gifts this year was alcohol because N gave me a bottle of absinthe (“the good kind with wormwood”) and a brass bottle opener.

Sidebar: a friend with similar hair to mine told me that once she did mushrooms and looked in a mirror and saw herself as a lion.  I always think of that when I wear my hair like this.  Mane-like, right?  Not to mention the feathers.  (Maybe the lion ate a bird?)

And what did N get for Christmas besides a rock and mineral guide, an alarm clock, and a box of wine?

That’s right.  We got him the best shirt in the world.

Happy post-holidays, everyone!  Don’t forget to write thank you notes!

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