Time Machine Thursday: First Anniversary

With all the reflection and retrospection that comes with the turning of another calendar year, I was thinking about how much can change over a year’s time.  We moved in to this building at the end of last January.  Want to see what the place looked like a year ago?  Welcome to the first installment of Time Machine Thursday.

Let’s step into the time machine.

†åkê µ§ †ð ²Ø¹Ø!

This was our living room one year ago.  We’d gutted the apartment.  The plaster and lath were water damaged and the floor plan was nonsense – three bedrooms opening awkwardly into each other, an awkward tiny bathroom, and one window that had been walled off instead of repaired, forming a creepy little room with no doors.  The floor had to be patched and leveled.  We’d framed new walls using the old lumber, covered everything in new drywall, and were in the process of sanding.  Everything was covered in a fine layer of dust.  We had to work fast because the lease on my apartment would end on February 1st.

We were arguing about which colors to paint the walls.  I took the opportunity to try out the dark-based primer and practice my freehand Old English.

The sink was always full of paintbrushes and rollers and finishing knives and mud pans.

N found this gas stove on the side of the road and managed to wrestle it into the bed of his pickup truck on his own.  It was dark, so it took him a few minutes to realize that he’d cut his hands on the metal and they were bleeding.  The stove, while functional, lacked burner grates so we got some from a salvage place and propped them up on bricks.

Note the dust and that it’s apparently 2:34 AM.

Taking a break from painting walls and kitchen cabinets.  This was the period where Mountain Dew was being abused.  Say what you want, but it’s a quick shot of caffeine and sugar.

I’m glad our lifestyle no longer necessitates Mountain Dew abuse.

One year ago, the guys were learning how to rewire light fixtures because all of our fixtures were salvaged.  As we went on fixing up secondhand lamps and furniture and cabinets to furnish the apartment, they started to think about maybe opening a shop and doing that for a living.

Note the coffee press and The Economist.  We were very informed about world affairs in those days.

That was all me.  I still have the coffee press.

Another sunset over the Home Depot parking lot.

Ök, †ïmê må¢hïñê.  †åkê µ§ ßå¢k †ð ²Ø¹¹.

Time Machine Thursday is made possible by Picnik, where you can do fancy things to your photos, and by the Fancy Text Generator, where you can pretend you still have a Myspace.

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4 Responses to Time Machine Thursday: First Anniversary

  1. Jim says:

    This is awesome. I cannot believe all the things you all do, like having the skillz to figure out how to connect up a gas stove and make it run without blowing up the haus. I was at Ace the other day trying to figure out what kind of oil to get for the generator, and wished I had you all around to advise.

  2. I, too, am really impressed by how handy all of you are. Also, nice picnik action.

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