How to host your visiting friends when you’re 25:

Clean the house.  Get out all of your cleaning products.  ALL OF THEM:

If “all of your cleaning products” means the jug of white vinegar, you’re kind of a hippie.

You’re also kind of a hippie if you burn incense to cover the vinegar smell.

Bake a tray of lemon poppy seed muffins.  I did a guest post about those for my mom’s blog.  Internal debate as to whether you’re a hippie or an 1800s housewife.

Welcome your guests with muffins and the beers you’ve stashed in the drafty staircase so they can stay chilled without taking up valuable fridge space.

Compare notes on home brewing, bread baking, jelly making, canning and preserving, road tripping, and all things DIY.  We’re talking kindred spirits here.

Watch in amazement as guests whip up a cream cheese dip using salmon they caught, smoked, and preserved.

Enjoy dinner at local brew pub.  Point out lots of local landmarks.  Pick up ice cream on the way home so you can make floats out of the Growler full of chocolate-raspberry stout.  Watch in amazement as guests pull a bottle of spiced apple wine out of thin air.  Stay up late talking and laughing.

Obviously make waffles for breakfast, but remember to put bacon on them.  Watch in amazement as guests leave you the rest of the salmon.

Wave goodbye and realize you forgot to make them sign the brand new guest book.

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