The coldest weekend of the year

Sorry for the lack of posting!  I was in Hamilton, NY taking a Wilderness First Responder recertification course through my alma mater’s Outdoor Education program.

I chose the coldest weekend of the year to travel statistically speaking, and it lived up to its reputation.  This was bitter cold!  And WFR recert involved lying in the snow and pretending to be a hypothermia victim.  Let’s just say it wasn’t far from method acting.  Luckily the friend hosting me was also taking the course, so we could share a big pot of coffee in the morning, carpool, and unwind with a few good brews afterward.

What’s the best thing to do on the coldest night of the year?  Visit someone with a hot tub.  It was 17 below, and my hair froze.

I lived in Hamilton for four years of college, plus a few summers and the fall after graduating.  Sometimes I miss the rolling hills, but we’re not far away.

I can understand several reasons why people might object to windmills, but I don’t think I’ll ever see eye to eye with people who don’t find them aesthetically appealing.  Central New York is full of windmills and there are certain moments on the drive to Hamilton that take my breath away – when you crest a hill and there’s this giant white birdlike thing revolving in the sky to your immediate left.  Somehow that hasn’t gotten old for me.

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2 Responses to The coldest weekend of the year

  1. Jim says:

    I concur on the windmills. They are aerodynamically beautiful and efficient like a bird, and the structural design behind the airfoil is almost miraculous. Never get bored watching them rotate.

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