If the same houseguests from last week are back for round two, you should make them burritos for dinner.  Throw some brown rice and Cajun seasoning in the cooker, grate some cheddar, boil some red beans with cumin, and saute ground chicken in chili powder, cayenne, and tequila.  [Sidebar: does anyone actually drink tequila?  We were talking about this last night.  I only use it to flavor meat.  Maybe if we were more into margaritas?  I had a fantastic homemade margarita the other night at the house with the hot tub.  But, as Gwyneth Paltrow would say, “I boringly digress.”]

Then make some tortillas.

I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  They’re lard-based, so if that grosses you out, make the shortening-based recipe from Orangette, which is also very tasty.  Lard is great, though.  You’ll never feel more like a successful 1800s housewife than when you’re whipping up a pie crust out of flour and lard.

Couple things: I used a food processor, doubled the size of the dough balls, and made a double batch.  Half at night for dinner, and half the next morning for breakfast burritos!

Growing up in Atlanta, there was plenty of good Mexican food.  One place we’d go had a tortilla-making machine near the entrance.  It was a Rube Goldberg-y contraption with a big plate that would come down and squash the dough balls, which would travel down a long rotating heated screw to cook (it had an automated tortilla flipper halfway down) and then onto a revolving rack to cool.  And every so often a guy would come and scoop the completed tortillas into a wicker basket lined with a cloth napkin and bring it to your table.

You too can become a human tortilla-making machine.  There’s nothing like fresh tortillas.

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