Make Something February

So my buddy Liz has a blog.  It’s called Lizness as Usual, and right now it’s a documentation of her quest to make something every day in February.  A week ago she posted these earrings:

And I decided to jump on that bandwagon on my mini blog, starting with some earrings of my own:

The madness continued with bread, yarn, magnets, and more yarn.

We’re tagging our posts #MSF for Making Something February.  It’s already a week in, so I guess it’s a little late to invite people to join.  Feel free to jump in anyway.  Or just follow along.

I’m definitely stealing the idea for these cute beer magnets…

This is what happens when I spend all day on the couch with the light table.

Luckily, it’s almost always a Make Something Every Day situation in this house, since the business is based around making old things good again.  The guys are taking a wood carving class.  The first project is this dolphin:

And tonight we plan on starting our first batch of home brewed beer!

Does anyone else have a backlog of crafty projects, recipes, or general to-do this month?  Try challenging yourself to make something every day.  Or just marvel at Liz’s crocheting skills and alternative yarn methods.

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One Response to Make Something February

  1. Kayte says:

    Okay, on Feb. 1, in honor of National Pie Month, I decided to try to make a pie a day…a mini size pie, not a full pie b/c even my guys can’t eat that much pie on a daily basis (at least I don’t think they can but I haven’t actually tested that part to be certain). I am not particularly good at pie making so I figure even if I stick with this half a month that my pie making/baking skills should improve by leaps and bounds. That part seemed worthy enough. My Grandmothers were farm women and they fed farm men at their tables. Pies were easy and cheap (especially as they canned their own fruit in the summers) and fast so they would get up every morning and make a pie or two. Every single day. My Grandfathers loved pie. They would eat them before morning chores, for snacks, and a slice before bedtime…and pretty much any other time they felt like a snack. Pie was their junk food. Anyone who stopped by the house during the day got coffee and a slice of pie to go with it. I thought it would be fun to know what it felt like to get up each morning and make a pie. So far, it’s been fun and pretty easy. And, by golly, the pies are disappearing as fast as I make them. Although it isn’t as crafty and artsy as making your own jewelry and being able to draw and paint, etc., or revamping furniture and an entire dwelling, it’s my little piece of contribution, humble as it may be…eating humble pie, as it were! 😉

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