Doing a Good Job

Sometimes I like to take a break from what I’m doing and take a walk around the building, seeing what other projects are taking shape.  And then I tell people they’re doing a good job.

It’s important that people know that they’re doing a good job, you know?  Because they don’t always remember to tell themselves.

And of course it’s a great phrase to deploy in sarcasm, if you want to use your powers for evil.

Here’s what a good job we’re doing:

K is taking point on Project Beer.  We found this great 5 gallon glass carboy at an estate sale.  Life tip: get on a few estate sale email lists.  (Another life tip is always to take note of things on the side of the road.  That is where the huge aluminum pot came from.)

We’re also lucky enough to have a good home brewing shop in town, where the guys picked up some goodies including this bottle washer, which shoots a jet of water into whichever bottles need cleaning.  We’ve been stockpiling beer bottles for a few months now…

Our first beer will be a stout.  Shortly after I took this picture it started bubbling and foaming – a good sign!

Meanwhile, N was hard at work trying to make us some money.

Hoarding mismatched mirrors, frames, and rods really can pay off – people really love their dressers to have mirrors in this town, we’ve found.  The whole thing will be painted (the wood was too wrecked to refinish).  We have a basement full of wood scraps, hardware, and odds and ends waiting for the moment we finally find a use for them, much to K’s chagrin.  He likes to keep things tidy, with a lot of space to move around.  It’s a struggle.

In any case, this guy knows he’s doing a good job:

And today, I’m doing some painting.  Here’s where the magic happens:

You’ll note several things.

1. Inspirational painting of nude cherubim

2. General air of disarray

3. Sheepskin underfoot to ward off cold feet, this painter’s worst enemy

4. Proximity to bookshelves

5. “Vintage” 2004 laptop with wonderful Amy Jean Porter desktop calendar

6. Brushes stored in Liberty print plastic tumbler from Target

7. Mirror = palette

8. Dogs are at Stage 2 of 3.  (I’ll post the whole process some time)

9. “The Genius Mouse Pad”

Oh, and the van is out of the shop.  Actually it was out, then broke down and got towed and went back in the shop, and is out for the second time.  Wish us luck with this week’s auction run to the middle of nowhere!

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