Feathers in the Cap and Black Eyes

In Catch-22, a character named Colonel Cathcart obsessively divides his life into two categories.  “Feathers in my cap” are accomplishments; good things.  “Black eyes” are bad news or embarrassments.  Of course, this categorization just serves to further paralyze this terminally indecisive figure.  But as a method of compulsive life assessment it’s not bad, and I find myself doing it constantly.

As an example, I’ll do a rundown of our night out in the fair city of Buffalo last night.  The whole night was structured around a furniture delivery and a friend’s show at a local venue, with some time to kill in between.

Feather in Cap: We deliver and sell a desk.

Black Eye: The Albright Knox is nixed as a time-killing venue because it’s open till 10pm only on the first Friday of every month, not every Friday like we thought.

Feather in Cap: We go for a walk in nearby Delaware Park instead, walking on the frozen lake and exploring.  We spy a mysterious animal.

Black Eye: We are discouraged from further walking after encountering the foulest sulfur stench in the history of the universe.

Feather in Cap: Substantial and cheap Italian food for dinner.  Penne artichoke leftovers.  We finish just in time to meet friend, score $2 tickets to show.

Black Eye: Lousy opening band starts playing an hour late, treats us to an hour and a half set (!)  Second opener is artistically dubious as well.  It’s pushing 1am when friend’s band goes on.  I rediscover that at 25, I am way too old and ornery to leave the house.

Feather in Cap: Friend’s band is good.

Black Eye: Someone smashed the van window with a brick.

Black Eye: And stole our GPS.

Black Eye: We get back at 3am, just in time for 5 hours of sleep.

Like Colonel Cathcart, I’m left unable to decide whether we had an awesome night or whether it was a complete debacle.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the best night for faith in humanity, but a decent one for faith in mysterious animals.

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3 Responses to Feathers in the Cap and Black Eyes

  1. We think too much alike. I was just about to do a black eyes/feathers in my cap post. Damn you, big sis!

    That sucks about the GPS, though. Blarg.

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