A crack in the armor

Just the other day I finally had enough of winter.  I told K that I just want to hibernate until it’s warm again.  He reminded me that winter is almost over, and I was like, what part of irrational don’t you understand?

And just like that, winter broke.  We can see the ground again!  I’m sure there will be relapses into bitter iciness, but for now let me savor the thaw.  And worry about the basement flooding and the roof leaking over the bathroom, which are not things that happen when all the water is frozen.

The guys are off to Our Fair City for an evening of volunteering at a salvage place, home brew workshop, and some kind of land use meeting.  (I’ll be catching up on painting here at the ranch.)  Before they left, they had to clear a bunch of lumber out of the van.

This is about half of it, found on Craigslist for a total of $20.  It’ll go towards building a garden shed.  The van, by the way, is back in working order with a new side window and now has a name: Medb, a queen of Irish mythology.  For the record, I voted for “Grendel’s Mother” but was overruled.

Besides the price point, another great thing about this lumber is that it’s used.  It’ll require some pulling of nails, but we really love to reuse.

We’re storing the lumber in the brick railroad tower until spring arrives for real and we can start building sheds.  And riding bikes, and hanging out on the roof, and eating garden food…

Speaking of gardening, in his role as garden master K had the idea to start a few indoor pots to tide us over.  I’m getting him to write something about our garden plans this year, to be posted later this week.

On this corner of the counter we have a few honeysuckle cuttings that will be planted along a chain link fence and some pole beans, which have barely begun to sprout.  Beans inside?  I’m a little skeptical, but it’s something to do.

Over here on the table is a planter that will be full of basil, oregano, and sage.  If that works out.  I’ve never had much luck with herbs indoors.  Sidebar: I love that silverware.  Garage sales are magical.

Spring is pretty magical too.  I can’t wait.

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One Response to A crack in the armor

  1. Rachel says:

    ooh I love that silverware, too! I cannot wait to eat your delightful dishes with that cool cutlery.

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