Paint the town

Last Sunday I had to get out of the house for a change, so we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

There are a bunch of pizza places in this town.  This one has been defunct for a long time; the building is empty and the mural is falling into disrepair.  Occasionally a new shop opens; usually it’s gone within the year.  It’s hard to bust into a market already oversaturated with pizza opportunities and most people already have a favorite pizza joint.

There are a few more notable murals in town:

This is on the side of a fish store, apparently one of the best fish stores in the state.  All the original windows have been converted to murals.  We went in to browse, because it’s almost like a small aquarium.  Fish, frogs, turtles, sharks, and a big tank in the back with large strange fish slowly cruising around.  It was extremely humid in there as a result of all the tanks, and I think the guys spent the whole time worrying about how the wooden structural parts of the building were faring.  Still, it’s being occupied and maintained, which is way better than sitting unheated and neglected for years like ours did…

Not a mural, but these carousel horses are sponsored and painted by local businesses and appear all along our street.  (The guys call them “horse kebabs.”  Rude!)  Our town is one of the places where classic wooden carousels were made, and there’s a museum nearby that still teaches the carving technique.

We’re also the home of the mighty Wurlitzer organ: yes, they were manufactured here too.  The Riv puts on everything from movies to opera (best gif use ever on that page, fyi) to the local Lebowski Fest.

And finally: a road to nowhere.  It was built to lure in potential businesses or residences, complete with plumbing and street lights.  No one’s bought in so far, but they keep it assiduously plowed.

The only piece of public painted art I didn’t get a shot of is some notable graffiti under the railroad bridge.  It says “I ❤ Pauly Poo Poo” in huge letters.  We always point that one out to visitors.

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One Response to Paint the town

  1. Jim says:

    Road to nowhere. I like it.

    I also like the painted horsies on the phone poles. Remind me to mention that idea to Loudermilk so we can get some in Buckhead!

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