Today the mailman brought me a rainbow of Jo Sonja artists’ acrylic paint.  I literally went through and unscrewed every cap, exclaimed something about how pretty and/or perfect the color is, and screwed the cap on.  Twelve times.  I’m sure it didn’t bug N, who was working nearby.

The paint is for my side hustle, painting pet portraits.  (Learn what a side hustle is here and here.)  Actually, all my hustles are side hustles right now, but together they pay the bills.  Eventually I want painting to be my main hustle.

I like doing super tiny portraits the best – this one is 4x3in – with colorblocked backgrounds.  There’s more of my stuff in a gallery on my painting site and I’m planning to paint a few samples to keep in the shop this week.  They will be brightly colored, I guarantee you.

In other creative news, K runs the wiring and electrical side of things, including lamp rewiring.  He has a habit of receiving whiskey for his birthday and other significant occasions, and what better do to with the empty bottles than make lamps?  This is the prototype:

Documenting K is tricky because his “picture smile” is vastly different from his real smile, so to get a good picture of him you need to keep pointing the camera at him until he gets distracted and starts talking to someone else.  The lamp is a great subject though.  Very cooperative.

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