Guest post: Garden plan 2011

I present K, with what I think is the only thing he’s ever posted on a blog.  The pictures are of last year’s garden.

The weather in North Tonawanda has recently changed from snow to rain, and that means seed time is here.  The arrival of seed catalogs in the mail are a sure sign of the coming spring, even while leaves and flowers are still a long ways off.  This year, the plan is to Keep It Simple, Stupid.  We’re shooting for staples, hoping to do them well.  Peppers, with their preference for warm and sunny weather, have been put on hold for now.  Likewise tomatillos and any sort of melon.  We’re growing the stand-bys: beans, peas, potatoes, squash, onions, tomatoes & salad greens.  The soil in our former railyard is still not the best, but slowly improves with every year’s cultivation.  The horse manure and leaves we brought in last year are part of that plan.  What we started with was a thin layer of sod over rocks.  It’s an uphill battle.

Fortunately, beans and peas have a habit of adding more to the soil than they take away, in addition to making excellent foodstuffs.  We’ll be growing plenty of both this year.  Kentucky wonder pole beans for snap beans, Etna bush plants for a dry bean, and several varieties of peas, including mammoth melting sugar peas.  At the end of last summer we built a trellis for the pole beans and peas out of logs we scavenged from some nearby woods.  We’re all looking forward to seeing our construction covered in green vines bearing delicious green abundance.

In addition to the new seeds, we’ll be watching our young fruit trees grow (apples, peaches, plums), along with our hazelnut bushes and strawberry plants.  The red currant bushes will likely produce a small crop this year, perhaps we’ll see some gooseberrys as well.  Our garlic crop, planted from last year’s harvest, is hibernating under a bed of leaves right now, dreaming garlic dreams.  So, while the weather of late winter / early spring may be unpleasant, we are warmed by thoughts of the sun’s largess and the bounty to come.

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One Response to Guest post: Garden plan 2011

  1. Great post, K. The best part was the “garlic dreams”!I love reading your plans for this year’s garden. You all had such an excellent harvest last year; we were envious of your abundant tomatoes. If you end up with gooseberries I have some recipes I can share.

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