To cure what ails ya

I’m sure you’re all on tenterhooks wondering how the pertsovka came out.  Well, friends, I’ve never had real pertsovka so I can’t speak to how authentic the taste is.  But if we’re talking medicinal properties, that’s another story.  In retrospect this recipe probably sounded so appealing because my body sensed a cold descending.  Sure enough, I’ve been down for the count (in terms of general wellbeing and verve, anyway) all week.  But fortunately I’ve had this bottle on hand!  One sip of chilled hot garlicky liquor is enough to banish my congestion for at least a little while.  While a really brutal cold isn’t pleasant, if you do it my way you can at least justify spending some quality time on the couch sipping vodka.

I strained out the chilis, pepper, ginger, and garlic clove after two days – I’d been taste testing, and liked the level of heat.  However, it can’t be denied that my love of garlic is deep and sincere, so I smashed a few more cloves and steeped those for another day.

I poured the final product into its original bottle, which I spiced up with a photo of a brightly decorated donkey (the best option from that particular bridal magazine) and the Sharpie’d legend “TO CURE WHAT AILS YA.”  I’m a big fan of handmade labeling, the more reminiscent of Amy Sedaris-style hospitality and decor the better.  Plus if you label everything in the fridge, your roommates don’t mistake the white leaven for the yogurt.

Made my way, it’s garlicky first with a heat that hits you slightly later, lingering and developing.  It’s really good, and quite effective.  You’ll have garlic breath.  If a vampire bothers you while you’re malingering, you can spit at him.

Meanwhile in Georgia where it is at least 80 during the day, Jenni‘s limoncello has one more week to go.  You’ll note that as far as hairstyle goes, our approach to self portraits with liquor is very similar.

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2 Responses to To cure what ails ya

  1. Giiiirl you know I love garlic. This sounds like an awesome way to perk up when the spring allergies are getting you down. /is waking up too early to start drinking? Perhaps I’ll save it for the weekend and stick with the Claritin….

  2. Mike Webster says:

    Once again your footwear makes it into the blog. Go Shoes!

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