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One of the few remaining items on the “fix this building” list is replacing the windows. They’re old.  Most are missing screens, if not storm windows.  And opening and shutting them is a risky undertaking – several of them are … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam

Our designated rhymes-with-bumpster diver, N., brought home some strawberries the other night.  The guys were thinking about making alcohol or dessert with them, but I appropriated most of them for this year’s first batch of strawberry jam. Ideally strawberry jam … Continue reading

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So I had a guest in town: C., a lifelong friend with a long weekend to kill.  She had two requirements for her trip.  First, we had to visit Niagara Falls.  Second, we had to go to an auction. So … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: Bait

The best way to get your friends to visit you in Buffalo is to tempt them with the prospect of seeing a natural wonder of the world and taking a day trip to another country.

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Kvass: having your bread and drinking it too

Honestly, I owe Wikipedia for this one.  I found out about kvass (or квас) while browsing articles about various homebrewed concoctions, although I probably actually first heard of it in Russian class and then forgot about it along with almost … Continue reading

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Busy week.  Between jobs, deadlines, projects, incoming visitors (!), and of course brew nights with crafty friends, this blog hasn’t gotten much of my energy.  I’ll be writing more soon when I can catch a breath.  But in the meantime … Continue reading

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Northern hospitality: a pineapple adventure

Being an exotic fruit, pineapples aren’t found around our house too often.  But the other night, after disappearing on a bike and digging around in something that rhymes with “bumpster,” N. returned victoriously with… one pineapple.  And I don’t know … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: plaid friends

The three of us wear a lot of plaid flannel.  Our local Salvation Army has a particularly good array of plaid shirts for some reason, and flannel has become our unofficial cold weather uniform.  However, it’s not often that we … Continue reading

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Friends and shovels

Our garden is taking over the vacant land surrounding the unused railroad track in our backyard, and that involves a lot of shoveling. Two years ago, we filled in the railroad tracks to make raised garden beds, removing plenty of … Continue reading

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Tea-infused gin is almost acceptable for breakfast

Yesterday I was going about my business until this Hairpin post came up and I had to stop and make some tea-infused gin. Luckily we had gin already, or else this would not have happened.  (Gin is wonderful.)  I used … Continue reading

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