Sprouts.  They’re not that complicated, you know?

You put the seeds in a jar and rinse three times a day so they don’t grow mold.  We have a special sprouting lid that fits any wide mouth jar (they’re right next to the seeds at the Co-op) but there are plenty of sprouting rigs available and it wouldn’t be hard to DIY something like this.  If you want to get really educated and maybe a little intimidated, check out Sprout People.

In other sprouting news, we weren’t going to plant any peppers this year, but when I was hanging out in Atlanta talking about cooking with my mom (like we do) I suddenly couldn’t stand that dismal prospect anymore and ordered myself three kinds: one sweet, one hot, and one ancho.  I planted them oh, three days ago and have been anxiously peering at the soil every five seconds to see if they’ve started growing yet.  And this afternoon my obsessive vigilance paid off: behold the first pepper sprout.

YES.  See it?  That tiny insignificant thing in the middle?  Pepper jelly and fresh sriracha (!), here I come!

And things are sprouting outside the building as well.  We planted several varieties of garlic in the fall, but gave up on one kind, “music,” after it failed to sprout before winter.  We chalked it up to having purchased the seed stock from genial but lackadaisical hippies at the end of a long hot garlic festival.  But clearly we should have had faith because despite snow flurries this week, look what just popped up:

I will probably stop being astonished by the fact that seeds sprout when you water them, but it might not be any time soon.  You should see me when the rest of the garden gets going.

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