One for the weekend: Guest book

I really can’t recommend having a guest book enough, especially if you’re a young person with wonderful transient friends who need a couch to crash on when passing through your region (or even if you just like to entertain).  Our book is relatively new, but it’s already growing into a record of kindred spirits’ visits, the good times we’ve had, and the positive energy they’ve lent to this space.  I like using a sketchbook, but obviously blank notebooks are perfect and if you’re really an achiever you can bind your own book.  Maybe in 50 years when this one is full I will do that.

Tip: friends are much more likely to visit you in Buffalo if you remind them of the proximity to Niagara Falls.

And in the background, check out the papier mache parrot.  I’ve wanted to hang that guy (and its partner, behind the guest book) for months, and the guys finally gave in.  Now that the deed is done, they have to agree that those faux-feathered beauties really add to the dimensionality of the space.  Which is how to say it in the most pretentious terms possible, FYI.

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2 Responses to One for the weekend: Guest book

  1. Kayte says:

    What a fun idea…the guest book would be such a wonderful thing to look back on if I had started it when you are starting it…particularly for friends/family no longer here, etc. — oh, I am making one of these soon! What I learn over here. Parrots are cute as well.

  2. neildurco says:

    Aw, thanks for linking me! 🙂

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