Tea-infused gin is almost acceptable for breakfast

Yesterday I was going about my business until this Hairpin post came up and I had to stop and make some tea-infused gin.

Tea gin

Luckily we had gin already, or else this would not have happened.  (Gin is wonderful.)  I used a heaping teaspoon of some black tea from the Co-op, either Irish Breakfast or Earl Grey or something along those lines.  That Mason jar was way huge for the job, but luckily that doesn’t matter.

Tea gin

As you may know from drinking it, tea infuses pretty rapidly.  After about half an hour, the gin was already a deep orange and tasted tea-ish.  I could have stopped the infusion then, but decided to let it go until the next day.

Tea gin

The color and flavor kept deepening.  I judiciously sampled every few hours, which led to my being slightly more tipsy than anticipated when the shop closed.  Since K was gone for the evening, I decided not to make “real food” and N and I feasted on freezer pizza covered in hot sauce and beans.  Sometimes old habits die hard.

Tea gin

Have I told you yet how I hoard glass bottles?  Yet again, a liquid is contained in an appropriate vessel in my kitchen.  It’s the little things.

This gin is really good.  As if gin weren’t medicinal enough with the juniper notes, this stuff has a strong black tea overtone that really takes it into patent medicine territory.  It’s fine straight and would be really good in lemonade.  So far I’ve only mixed it with kombucha (which is made with tea) and… sweet ice tea.  Those drinks were kind of a waste of tea gin, but we’re not really “mixer” people.  I might pick up some tonic and report back though.

The guys seem to appreciate the taste as well, or at least they didn’t hate it.  Their exact verdicts were, and I quote, “Pretty good” and “not bad.”  Interpret that how you will.

More infused gin ideas for when the herb garden gets going

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2 Responses to Tea-infused gin is almost acceptable for breakfast

  1. Kayte says:

    Well, in order to interpret I need a little bit more information, i.e. Who Exactly said “pretty good” and Who Exactly said “not bad?” I am thinking a fiance who says “pretty good” might not be QUITE as trustworthy in these things as a friend who said “not bad.” lol

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