One of the few remaining items on the “fix this building” list is replacing the windows.

They’re old.  Most are missing screens, if not storm windows.  And opening and shutting them is a risky undertaking – several of them are liable to jump their frame and come crashing out onto the unwary seeker of fresh air.  Most importantly, they’re drafty and leaky, in terms of both water and wind.

To be fair, our window situation now is great compared to how it was in 2008:

Since the guys were in no financial condition to buy new windows when they were doing the brick work on the walls, they took the existing windows out and repaired them.  Those particular windows face west towards the river, where the wind comes from.  Did you know that the wind along the Niagara River is strong enough to dry piles of timber?  That’s why we were the Lumber City for so long.  Anyway, the wind roared in one day against that wall, and it was strong enough to blow half the bricks out of that skinny section between the windows.  Luckily the guys were there when it happened, and could brace and rebuild the wall.

(We’ve come a long way, huh?  That’s the kitchen.)

With the repairs we did then, the windows have held up until now.  But their days are numbered.  To cut down on heat loss, we covered them with plastic all winter.  Spring has given us several false alarms, but the other day we had our first taste of actual warm weather and the plastic came off.

It was so nice to get some fresh air in the house.  We went outside and moved a bunch of plants around and it was a legitimately hot day.  I wasn’t wearing any sleeves!  It was great.  And then for the next two days we had alarmingly high winds and then rain.  Haven’t opened those windows since.

But the plastic is staying off.

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