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Another pickle: Watermelon rind pickles

Plenty of my food-related explorations have been inspired by necessity, or if not technically necessity at least the desire to preserve the fresh food of the present to be enjoyed at a later date.  Bumper crop of Concord grapes behind … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: the view

K. and I are on the road this weekend and swung by Deer Hill, the bed and breakfast where we’ll be getting married this fall.  This is the view from the kitchen – which is gorgeous, pretty close to my … Continue reading

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Good as gold

One of the things I learned in my first icon-painting class (besides how to work with acrylic paint*, which was crucial since my background was mostly in oils) is how to apply gold leaf.  Which means that halos have started … Continue reading

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Linky posty: friends and family edition

I wrote a little thing for Offbeat Home on the subject of dandelion wine and someone posted their grandmother’s dandelion jelly recipe in the comments.  Score! See also this dandelion fritter recipe, posted on GrowWNY‘s Facebook page after they ran … Continue reading

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On the coffee table…

This house loves books.  From the dictionaries to the how-tos to the Serious Fiction to the stacks of bad pulp, it’s a good bet that each of us has at least three books going at a time.  It’s also a … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: Pain a l’Ancienne

This baguette was so good, we had to raise a toast three people at dinner.  Philippe Gosselin, for making this kind of bread in the first place in his boulangerie in Paris.  Peter Reinhart, for bringing the method to the … Continue reading

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Freezer paper shirts

I’ve been seeing freezer paper stencil tutorials all over the internet (seriously) and knew that I’d have to give the technique a try sometime, so when we dropped by the thrift store last week I picked up a basic tee … Continue reading

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Against the machine

Big news on the home front: the railroad tracks are finally getting taken up and scrapped.  They brought in heavy machinery and shut down half the street.  And when they stopped for the day, they left their excavator right next … Continue reading

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Dandelion Wine

I read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine as a kid, but don’t remember much of it – I think my brain mixed it up with parts of The Martian Chronicles, especially “There Will Come Soft Rains,” until all that I can … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: The many uses of citrus scraps

Instead of tossing citrus peels into our kitchen compost bin, I’ve started putting them in a specific tub for several reasons.  First, we received some blueberry bushes which love acidic soil, so we’ve been saving lemon peels for blueberry-specific compost. … Continue reading

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