Against the machine


Big news on the home front: the railroad tracks are finally getting taken up and scrapped.  They brought in heavy machinery and shut down half the street.  And when they stopped for the day, they left their excavator right next to our bank of strawberries.  NATURALLY, this meant that the guys wanted me to take pictures of them defending the strawberries against a mechanical incursion.




(It should be noted that at no point did anyone actually come into contact with the excavator.  It should also be noted that whenever a car would come by, the guys instantly started acting really “natural.”)

Here are the strawberries in question, currently in full flower and hopefully about to produce fruit:


The rest of the tracks are slated to be removed from our backyard on Saturday, and after that happens we can garden with impunity.  In the meantime, we spent the rest of the evening planting carrots, beets, cabbage, kale, bush beans, and arugula in a bed against the building, far from where the work will be done.

A new friend

And finally, meet our new friend.  He came from the trash and hopefully he’ll be terrifying some woodchucks this summer.  He’s already terrified me a few times when I’ve caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

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