Goodbye train tracks, hello berries

The tracks are gone!

Well, they finally took the tracks away.  And we didn’t lose anything in the process, even if we’d been a little worried about the apple tree.  (Which then almost blew over in yesterday’s wind storm, until N. and I staked it.  One more reason to know the trucker’s hitch!)

Farmer's market herbs

K. and I went over to the North Tonawanda Farmer’s Market to round out the herb garden and pick up a few more tomato plants – and some onions too, since we hadn’t got around to starting ours.  Most of my herbs overwintered from last year, but I lost the rosemary and basil.  Plus I wanted to add a few this year: cilantro, which I have always found difficult to enjoy but have resolved to grow to love, and dill and lavender.  Here’s my setup:

Herb garden of majesty

The mint lives in a clay pot so it won’t take over the entire plot as easily, although I have no idea what to do with chocolate mint.  Tea maybe?  Basil is elsewhere.  We’ll be growing tons of it, since it goes well with the tons of tomatoes and can be rendered into pesto which is so easily kept around for the long term.  Apparently making a pesto out of cilantro is a good entry point for us haters, so I’ll be trying that too.

And hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll have fruit.  Berries specifically!  Namely N.’s strawberry crop (debating whether to freeze, wine, or jam those – or all three) and these redcurrants.

Mystical face statue + redcurrants

That mystical face statue came to us, as so many things have, from a house cleanout we did.  It lends a nice ridiculous touch to the garden, along with the scarecrow and the golf course markers and the fact that the ex-rail corridor behind our place is used as a footpath by half the neighborhood wanderers.

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One Response to Goodbye train tracks, hello berries

  1. Laura says:

    I like your blog! I think we have lots in common.

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