One for the weekend: the perfect snack

So I bake with Fancy & Delicious now – more on that later!  We were up all night Friday baking bread to sell at the farmer’s market, and after coming home and sleeping till 2pm I harvested the rest of our garlic scapes and made a dip to accompany a loaf of ciabatta we’d baked the night before.

Ciabatta and garlic scape dip

Was it both fancy and delicious?  Did it burst with concentrated scapey flavor and did it taste fantastic paired with handmade white bread?  Yes, yes yes.

Garlic scape dip (warning: not for the faint of heart regarding lingering garlicky breath)

Roughly chop scapes and pulse in food processor, adding olive oil until the desired consistency is reached (I like mine at the point it forms a ball.)  Season with salt and pepper as desired.  Can be frozen like pesto i.e. with plastic wrap pressed into the surface.

This dip/puree is also great swirled into potato soup, as it turns out.

p.s. I wrote a brief introduction to composting over at GrowWNY – check it out!

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