We can bake the night away

So I’ve said how I bake with Fancy & Delicious now.  Last Friday was our first bake night for the summer bread season in our new space: before my time F&D used to bake in an outdoor clay oven, but now we rent a certified kitchen space so we can sell at the farmer’s market as well as doing a bread share.  I’d never done anything like this (other than, like, baking bread at home) so needless to say I brought the camera along.  Enjoy a glimpse into the well-oiled machine that is our small baking collective.

A peek inside the baking collective

We took turns assembling the dough.  Then it went into the mixer.  Every time I talk about our mixer, the dudes assume I’m talking about… DJ equipment and have to remember that it’s a baking collective we’re speaking of.  I don’t know.

That is one of my many “stylish” aprons.

Our new mixer and scale

I forgot to nap the day before, by the way.  I have no idea how I managed to power through most of the night, but maybe the all-nighter mojo I lost halfway through college has returned to me.  I had temporarily abused that mojo out of existence, I think.  Want to know my secret to writing papers all night?  Plan a nice meal for yourself halfway through the night.  Standing up and preparing, then eating a satisfying plate of brain food helped a lot.

My other “secret” was mixing beer and coffee consumption in just the right proportion.  Thank me later, college students.

Multigrain boules

When the first multigrain loaves came out looking great, we felt awesome.  Our new mixer was running and once the ovens were on, the hot kitchen made the bread rise like a dream.  A few hours later, after the cinnamon raisin and during the ciabatta’s bulk rise when we went out to the parking lot to take in a beautiful sunrise, “awesome” had progressed to “sleep deprived gigglemania” with a pinch of “death march.”  This week I’ll definitely be packing lots of snacks and taking a nap beforehand.

All ready for market

Due to my printer running out of ink I had to handwrite all 50 or so labels.  My hand had cramps.  The computer has spoiled me for writing.  People liked the handwritten labels, but never again!  My baking buddies regaled me with tales of much worse setbacks in the history of Fancy & Delicious, in spite of which the bread always got made.  Because they’re champs.  Which by the transitive property (maybe) makes me a champ too.

Voldemort ciabatta

I got to take home this malformed ciabatta loaf, which we named Lord Voldemort because it looks like it’s wrapped in snakes.  It was the perfect snack for that hour or so between recovery naps.

I’m really looking forward to a summer of this: learning from more experienced bakers, practicing my large-batch baking chops, hanging out at the farmers market, and relearning to love the nocturnal life.

If you’re local and want to try our bread, Fancy and Delicious is at the Clinton Bailey Farmers Market every Saturday.  We also sell bread shares: $50 for 12 weeks, starts in July.  Website for details.

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3 Responses to We can bake the night away

  1. gaaarp says:

    I love it!!! I’m so jealous of your sleep-deprived, beer-, coffee-, and bread-filled day. A bread share: brilliant idea! I only wish Iived close enough to come to the farmer’s market. We might head up to the Falls this summer, so I might just get to stop by. Nice job. Keep posting pics and stories.

    • allifer says:

      Ooh, let me know when you head to the Falls and if it’s not over the weekend I can save you a loaf or two. Also for the record I really appreciate your Swedish Chef avatar.

      • gaaarp says:

        Thanks. I’ll let you know if we get up there. The avatar came from my blog post about Swedish limpa bread. Bork! Bork!

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