Lavash crackers

Peter Reinhart might as well have titled his The Bread Baker’s Apprentice something like The Bread Baker’s Indispensable Bible, honestly.  I have some blogquaintances who are baking their way through the whole thing alphabetically, which seems like a great way to get a handle on the ins and outs of breadmaking, like when my first drum teacher gave me a copy of Alex Duthart’s first book and wrote “When you can play everything in this book you’ll be a fine Scottish drummer.”  I don’t know if I ever worked my way through the whole thing but I can assure you that after years of being out of that scene I could probably still chip my way through his Max Rayne salute by memory.

That was pretty much the definition of “but I boringly digress.”  Thanks, Gwyneth!

My ideal dinner

Anyway, these crackers are simple.  You can score them, cut them into shapes, or do this freeform cracking that’s very… whatever that certain type of restaurant is, you know what I mean.  If you don’t have the book, I found the recipe online at the blog of someone very in love with spices.  (And yeah, bulk spices are the way to go!  Make the switch and never look back.  They’re cheaper, fresher, you’re usually supporting a crunchier, local sort of grocery store, and the only downside is that if you are lazy about transferring them into jars you end up with a cupboard full of mysterious spice baggies, not that I have that problem or anything.)  I just threw poppy seeds and cumin on top of my dough and called it a day.

Besides being an irresistible snack for anyone cruising through the kitchen, these crackers were great in soup and with beans and rice a.k.a. my go-to meal.  And they look so impressive for such a simple method!

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