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Brief hiatus

So.  Using a computer is really painful right now (a human wrist was not designed for computers, apparently. Who knew? My carpal tunnel knew) and next week K. and I will be in the woods, so until the second week … Continue reading

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Good drink/bad drink and the magic that is Elixir of Sage

That right there is a good drink – banana wine with a little wild blackberry juice swirled in.  It turned into a great drink when I added some elixir of sage. Elixir of sage is made by steeping sage in … Continue reading

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On the cover of the ‘Taste’ section, appropriately

On Wednesday, the Buffalo News ran an article on Fancy & Delicious.  Which is exciting!  It gives a lot of background on our clay oven on the East Side which we use mostly for workshops these days – next Sunday … Continue reading

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Independence Day at Chez Woodchuck

K., N. and I have collectively become known as the Woodchucks, a three-headed entity.  (Woodchuck is the name of our store.)  When only one or two of us show up to an event, we’re asked where the missing pieces are … Continue reading

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Jam session

I learned a few things from my most recent day of jam making.  First: I’m good for about one straight hour of pawing through prickly blackberry bushes.  Second: waking up extra early to go berry picking before the shop opens … Continue reading

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Cat in a box

This is Pretty Girl.  A bunch of our West Side buddies have adopted stray cats, which means that I get to hone my cat-handling skills (I grew up with dogs and my initial instinct for dealing with cats was scratching … Continue reading

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Three things that help me create

That would be: 1) the morning’s coffee.  It’s severely expired Gevalia from my grandparents’ giant stash that I’ve received custody of, made in a cheap Ikea press.  I’ve surrendered to caffeine addiction on the grounds that if you have to … Continue reading

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Strawberry mint jam and what to do with a small amount of gooseberries

I’ve been making jam recently.  First a Barnraisers jam day in Kenmore entailed making strawberry jam two ways – a traditional cooked jam and a freezer jam (the first I’d made; it’s great mixed in with plain yogurt) – as … Continue reading

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I love my canoe

We needed a canoe.  After weeks of scouring Craigslist, K. spied an ad for a $250 aluminum boat.  It turned out to be fiberglass and covered in flaky camo paint, but we still got it.  I hadn’t taken on any … Continue reading

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