On the cover of the ‘Taste’ section, appropriately

Glad I rocked an apron that day

On Wednesday, the Buffalo News ran an article on Fancy & Delicious.  Which is exciting!  It gives a lot of background on our clay oven on the East Side which we use mostly for workshops these days – next Sunday is our next one and I’ll be teaching sourdough.  We’ve been settling in to our new certified workspace on the West Side, which I really need to write more about when I get a chance to breathe.  (Our bread sold out at the market today!)  Until then, there’s this article to enjoy…

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3 Responses to On the cover of the ‘Taste’ section, appropriately

  1. Kayte says:

    Taste and Tasteful! This was a great article and so much fun to see you featured in the photo, a young woman of taste and distinction! Wish I could taste that Pickle Rye Loaf there…you have me addicted to that…I’m saving my pickle juice as we speak so that I can have enough for VERY SOON.Best wishes with your baking adventures.

  2. SuperBad says:

    Great article. Wish I could taste some of your bread out of that oven. I look forward to that sometime.

    • allifer says:

      You should time your next visit here whenever that is to coincide with one of our workshop days. Or I could just overnight some to you guys, that’s probably not too excessive or anything!

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