Brief hiatus

So.  Using a computer is really painful right now (a human wrist was not designed for computers, apparently. Who knew? My carpal tunnel knew) and next week K. and I will be in the woods, so until the second week of August or so I’ll be AWOL from this blog.  Big thanks to my readers for reading and for their patience, and to a fellow Princess Girl Fighter for lending me a wrist brace until this clears up.  I’ll be back with pictures and stories, I promise.

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One Response to Brief hiatus

  1. Kayte says:

    Have a great time! I hope your wrist feels better soon. I’m going to take a hiatus also after the first week of August until Matt goes off to college, I think. Want to spend some time with him just doing fun things before he heads out of here. Will be fun to hear about your camping adventures!

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