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On the road again: words mostly

Yesterday J. and I briefly were in Canada – or to use our own dialect, we decided to anada.  Anada is a word we came up with in the customs line to describe the process of “going to Canada.”  There … Continue reading

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Notes from a Meat Lover: Beef on Weck edition

Hello again, it’s MC Casual BlogStyles again, filling in for Allison while she is still dealing with hand issues.  You may remember me as that chick who made limoncello.  So you already know that I am a lush, but I … Continue reading

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How to eat in the woods

Backpacking trips have the potential to be pretty punishing food-wise.  There isn’t a lot of opportunity for variety and perishables don’t do so well, tricks of the trade like a Nalgene of frozen eggs notwithstanding.  This isn’t to say that … Continue reading

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