On the road again: words mostly

Yesterday J. and I briefly were in Canada – or to use our own dialect, we decided to anadaAnada is a word we came up with in the customs line to describe the process of “going to Canada.”  There was lots of time to make up words, because hello crossing national borders, especially when we de-anada‘d.  (Needs improvement?)  Shared bits of unique language detritus help establish the fact that you’re with your people – like OE members’ specific jargon or academics’ or colleagues’ or just inside jokes and references between people who’ve been around each other long enough to amass a vocabulary.  And clearly this is most evident when two sisters who collect words like magpies get together and catch up on things.  It’s a weird way of coming home.

ANYWAY, today I am not going to anada but I will be driving down South for a week.  Because of that and this dumb wrist thing which still persists a little (hauling cast iron casserole pans out of the oven with that hand doesn’t help it apparently) posting will be light, but I’m trying to line up a guest post with very own Wyoming buddy L.  We’ve shared lots of insider language and a dorm room in 2004.

I leave you a picture of this year’s Etna bean harvest.

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