Tomato Jamstory

tomato jammed

The story of this tomato jam will be short today.  In a last-ditch attempt to rest this wrist situation (hard to do when so much of life requires at least a small degree of use of the dominant hand) I have a new brace that immobilizes my thumb, have tied my right arm to my body with a scarf, and am painstakingly hunt-and-pecking this post with my left hand.  Which process is making me realize/regret the reality of my overly wordy blogstyle.


Upshot is that you’ll have to have to fill in the details here with your imagination, which will likely result in a more interesting version anyway.  Short version: a group of ladies met in Buffalo to make jam.

skinning tomatoes

My tomatoes.  To peel, boil for a minute then cool and pull skin off.

jam makings

Another Blue Chair recipe = this book so far is infallible.

filling jars

Filling.  This jam is deep, bright, fruity, and mace-y (adjectives fail me.)  The flavor evolves beautifully as it cooks.  No added pectin, fyi.

Aki loves people food

Three food-loving cats in house!


Got to harvest a bag of hops from J’s lovely garden…

rose hips

…as well as these rose hips, which I should be processing right now but might freeze until I gain more function and/or figure out what to do with them.  Suggestions?

Not pictured: brandied cherries, Korean-style zucchini pancakes, and the garden itself.  I host next month’s gathering.  Which is rumored to involve fondue.

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One Response to Tomato Jamstory

  1. Kari says:

    Rosehips! You can use rosehips in your homebrew: add them as a part of the boil. I know that Brooklyn Brew Shop has a recipe for a rose blonde.

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