I made this

So at the Barn Raisers‘ Brew Night every month, people tend to bring all kinds of delicious homemade drinkables. Wine, beer, cider, ginger beer, kombucha, mead – it’s a chance to share, show off, and get feedback.

This month I brought THIS:

That luscious unearthly color!  That oddly viscous texture!  A flavor oddly reminiscent of cough medicine?  It could only be… homemade Swedish Fish-flavored vodka.

Before the holidays, K. and I were browsing a liquor store for party supplies and gifts.  This expedition kind of turned into a silent 15-minute gawk at all the booze on offer, which suddenly seemed much more vast and exciting than we’d ever cared to notice (maybe it was the combination of an otherwise dull grey day and some flashy label design?) and my attention was eventually drawn to a lineup of flavored vodka including whipped cream, cake, and “gummy,” which featured a picture of a red gummy fish on the front.

Then Christmas came and I received both a bottle of plain vodka and five pounds of Swedish fish.  Total coincidence, from different people.  Anyway, I knew what to do:

Half went towards a new batch of pertsovka, half went into a big Ball jar with a bunch of fishies to marinate for a few weeks.  I shook the jar and then opened it and took a sniff; it smelled like a solvent.  The color bleached out of the fish, although a few red gummy bears that snuck into the mix retained their color AND grew freakishly large.  I believe this is known as “science.”

Yesterday I strained the liquid through a coffee filter (still oddly viscous afterwards) and brought it for people to sample.  There was a divide between folks who loved its candy weirdness and people who couldn’t get over the similarity to cough syrup.  I suspect it will be better mixed with something neutral and sparkly – ginger ale, seltzer, tonic, Champagne?  We’ll see.  Maybe.

You know, just in case you thought I was getting too granola housewifey in here.

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