bread in the spring

So I’m effectively half of the decision-making core of Fancy & Delicious Bakery – we have a history as a community supported, volunteer-based collective, so it’s never that simple with us, but T. and I are the head ladies at the moment and plan to be for the future.

My first exposure to f&d was long before I’d make friends with the people involved.  I stopped by a Really Really Free Market in Bidwell Park with a few friends and f&d had a table giving out samples and hyping their bread share.  The bread was good, I lived nowhere near the East Side, and I filed them away for another time.

Imagine months later when I attend a bread workshop on the Barn Raisers calendar and it’s the same people.  Imagine such a connection that we go out to Nietzsche’s afterwards together.  Imagine being asked to be part of the collective – like, a baking part – and baking bread all summer.  Imagine the departure of both founders and trying to figure out what to do next, honing bread chops all the while.

T. and I are doing a bread share this spring from March to May with the help of some friends.  We are working towards eventually having our own bakery space and pursue in earnest the perfect naturally leavened loaf of affordable bread.

Running your own thing is tough.  It’s going to take time and work to get this thing to a point where it would pay us and others a living wage.  Seeing friends like Good Nature Brewing (congrats guys!) and Rusted Grain start to take off has been very encouraging, just as seeing all of their hard work and logistical gymnastics has been very good as a reality check.

Speaking of Good Nature, I designed their logo.  I just designed a new one for f&d also, based on this gorgeous loaf of olive oil and rosemary bread we made last June:

Yeah.  It’s going to be good to be baking again.

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