Guys, I have a real job now.  Even if it’s part time, that means less time for the beloved blog and more time chasing paper.  So today’s post is taking the form of the dreaded “roundup” after which it’s off to Lockport to watch the Super Bowl.

1. Sports

If you know me you know that I’m not really into “the sports” (we had to look up who’s playing in this year’s Super Bowl) but what with that football thing happening today and scoring free tickets to a Bandits game last night, this is probably the most sportful weekend in my recent memory.  The Bandits are our professional men’s lacrosse team, by the way.


I mean, I went to a Bisons game two summers ago and that was good too – they’re our minor league baseball outfit. Maybe sometime I’ll see the Sabres, and MAYBE the Bills. You know the best thing about seeing the Bandits? You can ride the train from Allen St. and it’s free. The other best thing is that everyone gives each other two-handed high fives every time the Bandits score. The whole time there is music blasting, lights flashing, random features on the video screen and basically ample opportunity for sensory overstimulation. The worst thing is that beers are $8.50, but at least tickets are cheap.  And the team is sponsored by something called “Extreme Milk.”

I still haven’t converted to sports fandom in general, and seeing a crowd of 14,000 people going nuts when two lax dudes are beating each other up in an arena is a little weird, but still: the Bandits, my #1 recommended local sport.

2. Building fixing


The back entrance to the building is one of the last surviving bits of unadulterated shoddy workmanship inflicted on the property by its previous owners. So logically K. is attacking it. First, the plastic siding on the front was falling all over the place, so now it’s gone. Second, we had a random interior door stuck on there for a while but now it’s getting a wide exterior door so we can get furniture in and out. Since the array of garden tools and bric a brac cluttering up the space has been banished to the shed, it will be a useful place to keep boots in and move in and out of without dodging a rake that’s trying to put your eye out.


On the outside, there was a crappy electrical outlet that was 1. undependable and 2. inconveniently located. Luckily K. loves rewiring stuff and now the outlet functions and is placed in a much more suitable orientation. AND HE PAINTED EVERYTHING TO MATCH THE EXISTING SIDING. Overachiever. Now our crazy backyard projects will continue to successfully involve power tools and lights.  (You’ll likely surmise that putting siding on the shed will be the next of these projects.)

3. Bread

Fancy & Delicious, my bakery, is kicking itself into gear and preparing for a springtime bread share: three months, $50, 12 loaves of fresh bread baked with love and expertise by yours truly (and friends/bizpartners.) Details on that.

80% rye bread

I baked a huge batch of sourdough 80% rye from Jeffrey Hamelman’s foolproof recipe in Bread for last week’s Sunday Soup and Buffalo Barnraisers First Birthday Party. Sunday Soup is a microfundraising model which involves people presenting their community-based projects, a vote, and the winner receiving the total entrance fee from the night.  This Soup’s winner was an urban forest garden project helmed by our buddy C.

The bread was awesome and took three days of carefully monitored souring processes, which entailed bootleg temperature control measures involving a styrofoam cooler and 5-gallon food safe bucket. Since it didn’t have caraway it was more of a sweet, hearty, versatile bread with a complex sour character.

it's actually that color

Here it is paired with some strawberry freezer jam from last summer’s BBR jam workshop, and it’s actually that color. It’s super high in sugar and great mixed in with plain yogurt also.  Can’t wait to make a ton of jam once there’s fruit around again.

5. VHS

Want a sustainable media consumption habit? Find a VCR on the side of the road and start buying secondhand VHS.  Salvation Army has the classics, Antique Man in Allentown has the good stuff.

the old VHS storage style

That was our old VHS storage system: all over the place. There was a shelf in the hallway dedicated to videos but it was overflowing and also not anywhere near the VCR/tv. After a little reorganization of the living room post-Christmas tree removal, we had space for a small set of shelves which would be dedicated to video and records.

mah tapes

ET VOILA. On top of the shelves is a wedding present from K’s mom: a hand woven bread basket. She told me it’s one of the trickiest baskets she’s ever made. I’m almost afraid to put any bread in it.

Anyway, marvel at our sweet collection! The only problem is that our tv, also from the curb, has no remote so if the tracking needs adjusting there is just no hope. #trashsourcedproblems

6. Indoor plantery

The kitchen herb garden is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s actually a little too hyper and leggy, probably because the plants have so much nutriment and water right now – herbs like to be a little thirsty and underfed.


The borage in the living room window macrame centerpiece is thriving, mostly due to the addition of worm castings from K’s vermiculture bin in the basement and assiduous watering. It’s flowering, which speaks to the freaky weather we’re having. There’s been no real winter! My car is sinking into the ground because the ground never froze! I’ve been wearing a secondhand fleece all winter and haven’t taken out the puffer jacket once! It ain’t right.

7. Hairdo


I dyed the last inch or so of my hair red, which has faded into pink. Um, there’s really not as much to say about that as I thought there might be? ANYWAY, IT’S STILL THERE.

8. The end

Winter involves a lot of hibernating usually, and even if this one is oddly balmy, I still feel like the stuff I’ve been doing is too minor to post about.  Clearly this was once not the case, since I used to post almost every day about… whatever.  I think I need to start assuming again that people will find the stuff I do interesting, and keep documenting stuff here because it’s a useful space.  Anyway, the roundup putters to a stop, and now it’s time to start psychologically preparing myself for Madonna’s halftime show.

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4 Responses to Roundup!

  1. nancyo says:

    The part about your hair had me L-ing out L. Congrats on the massive batch of rye. And the job. Have fun with the sports. Sewing project goes in the next post?

  2. Mike Webster says:

    Keep it up, between your blog, and frequent beers (GNB,) I am happy.

    • allifer says:

      I am jealous of the frequent GNB beers! Hoping to take a trip out to CNY and sample the wares before too long… still having dreams of taste testing their IPA last summer

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