Winter herb strategy

My summer herb strategy is to have the herb garden downstairs so every time I need any I get a 25 stair times two stairclimbing routine.  My winter herb strategy is to prune the garden back and let it overwinter, bring some of the plants inside in tiny little pots and also to have dried a bunch of herbs in our furnace closet.

herbs drying in our furnace closet

Our furnace closet is also home to the Internet, spare macrame and plastic cups, and occasionally a heinous carboy full of mystery homebrew that gets neglected and basically enters a stage of teenage rebellion.  It’s a great place to dry herbs because it’s dark and hot and the air is quite dry.  Also every time you opened the door, an herby breeze would smack you upside the head.  Notice how much color the herbs have – that means their flavor/aroma is still potent.  An attic is another good place to dry herbs, but we don’t have one of those.

you want to grab the broom?

Your favorite local alt weekly makes a great herb funnel.  After a few months’ drying the leaves fall right off the stems (although the stems also crumble and you have to pick them out of the leaf pile, or you can leave some in if you’re kind of lazy.  I’m raising my hand right now.)  Who’s feeling twitchy about the little plant pieces all over the floor?

caught in a jar!

Why would you ever not rabidly hoard glass jars?  I still have no idea.

If I were really smart I would have done this with a bunch of basil but unfortunately this year the first frost came before I got serious about this project and the plants were reduced to pathetic black mush on a stem.  Basil is so weak.  And my attempts at growing it indoors have been such a failure, as if I needed another source of ~minor angst~ in my life.  (Chief culprits: dishes’ continual failure to wash themselves, my continual failure to walk through doors instead of directly into the doorframe, drivers on Delaware Ave who seem to have forgotten how to operate a motor vehicle, the fact that the Black Eyed Peas have not yet fallen into deserved obscurity)

Anyway, now I can put thyme on everything with impunity!  And weather the inevitable thyme-related puns.

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