My name is Allison.  I like to write.

I grew up in the New South, but headed north for school.  Many of my friends headed east to New York City after graduating.  I headed west to the Rust Belt, following a boy.

This is K.  We’re married.

And here’s N.  The three of us fixed up a brick building that was falling down before the guys got their hands on it.  They’ve been buddies and business partners since high school, and started fixing up the building in 2007 to be their retail space and workshop.  I pitched in every now and then with the demolition, roof replacement, wall framing, and so on until my desk job let me go and I moved in to better help with the drywall.

We drank a lot of Mountain Dew during that period.  We’re not proud.

Right now our lives are in rapid flux: making homes from broken houses, trying to figure out how to keep living while having to make a living, constantly committing ourselves to different ways to “be the change we wish to see in the world” and other cliches from past decades that oddly still apply.

This blog is an attempt to document our lifestyle: for friends to read about, for our own future reference, and as a creative outlet on my part.  Hopefully you’ll get some laughs and recipes out of it.

We believe in reusing, repurposing, regifting, ungarbaging, buying local, buying used, living well, and doing without.  It’s a lifestyle that fits well with our ethical sensibilities and our wallets.  I think I made up one of those words?


3 Responses to About

  1. Debby says:

    I have just spent all of my “sit by the woodstove with a cup of coffee in the morning” time reading your blog entries and exploring your websites. Bravo! Carrie had posted a link to your blog and I am so glad she made the recommendation! I adore your blog. As a dumpster diver from way back, I appreciate your sensibility. I think you’re the one who made A&D the guest book .(?)….Keep writing. I will definitely be one of your readers.

    • allifer says:

      I did made that guestbook! Glad to have you as a reader – it’s always good to have another dumpster diver on board. I will definitely be checking out your bread and flour recommendations…

  2. Hey Allison,

    My name is Bekah. We met at Nickel City Housing Co-op, I live there.

    I also run the GrowWNY.org website, http://growwny.org, an initiative of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

    I love your blog and wonder whether you’d be open to us republishing some of your articles on Grow?

    Hope this would be okay!


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