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State of the Friends and Hammers

I don’t even want to see how long it’s been since I updated this, it’s potentially depressing.  Instead, here is a look at where we are now: First and foremost, the base of operation has changed from the Woodchuck compound … Continue reading

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Things to do with nettles

My friend C. does a medicinal herb gathering once a month through the Barn Raisers and this month among other things we talked about stinging nettles. Like lots of herbs that grow wild all over the place, it has a … Continue reading

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Winter herb strategy

My summer herb strategy is to have the herb garden downstairs so every time I need any I get a 25 stair times two stairclimbing routine.  My winter herb strategy is to prune the garden back and let it overwinter, … Continue reading

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Odd jobs mostly

K. and I did a deep clean of the kitchen last night (minus the stove top, which is covered in baked-on milk that boiled over while I was making Indian ice cream for a birthday party – the recipe involved … Continue reading

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Guys, I have a real job now.  Even if it’s part time, that means less time for the beloved blog and more time chasing paper.  So today’s post is taking the form of the dreaded “roundup” after which it’s off … Continue reading

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bread in the spring

So I’m effectively half of the decision-making core of Fancy & Delicious Bakery – we have a history as a community supported, volunteer-based collective, so it’s never that simple with us, but T. and I are the head ladies at … Continue reading

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I made this

So at the Barn Raisers‘ Brew Night every month, people tend to bring all kinds of delicious homemade drinkables. Wine, beer, cider, ginger beer, kombucha, mead – it’s a chance to share, show off, and get feedback. This month I … Continue reading

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Kitchen improvery

Yesterday K. was home all day so we took advantage of what turned out to officially be the last oddly balmy day of January before the snow blew in. We went out to the garden and got some last minute … Continue reading

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Seasonally appropriate: some words on a tree and toasty beverage

So it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  There are snow flurries, everyone has a bright red nose like Rudolph and we’ve hauled the faux tree out of the storage loft and planned a soiree for later this week.  … Continue reading

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Shedstory: Part 2

Continued from Part 1, in which we began to build a shed and which was picked up by an automated aggregator site which scraped the entire entry and reposted it as part of some sort of ongoing collection of ill-gotten … Continue reading

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