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State of the Friends and Hammers

I don’t even want to see how long it’s been since I updated this, it’s potentially depressing.  Instead, here is a look at where we are now: First and foremost, the base of operation has changed from the Woodchuck compound … Continue reading

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Things to do with nettles

My friend C. does a medicinal herb gathering once a month through the Barn Raisers and this month among other things we talked about stinging nettles. Like lots of herbs that grow wild all over the place, it has a … Continue reading

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Winter herb strategy

My summer herb strategy is to have the herb garden downstairs so every time I need any I get a 25 stair times two stairclimbing routine.  My winter herb strategy is to prune the garden back and let it overwinter, … Continue reading

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How to eat in the woods

Backpacking trips have the potential to be pretty punishing food-wise.  There isn’t a lot of opportunity for variety and perishables don’t do so well, tricks of the trade like a Nalgene of frozen eggs notwithstanding.  This isn’t to say that … Continue reading

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Jam session

I learned a few things from my most recent day of jam making.  First: I’m good for about one straight hour of pawing through prickly blackberry bushes.  Second: waking up extra early to go berry picking before the shop opens … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam: for real this time

I’d been waiting to make something out of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and once our strawberries started producing, the game was on.  After a week of saving them up in the fridge, we’d gathered enough for a 2/3 recipe … Continue reading

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Another pickle: Watermelon rind pickles

Plenty of my food-related explorations have been inspired by necessity, or if not technically necessity at least the desire to preserve the fresh food of the present to be enjoyed at a later date.  Bumper crop of Concord grapes behind … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: The many uses of citrus scraps

Instead of tossing citrus peels into our kitchen compost bin, I’ve started putting them in a specific tub for several reasons.  First, we received some blueberry bushes which love acidic soil, so we’ve been saving lemon peels for blueberry-specific compost. … Continue reading

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A glass bottle saved

We’ve established a house policy for glass bottles, yes?  (The policy is: Keep them!)  And in case you’re wondering why, here’s our dish soap.  It’s Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, and if you’ve ever read a Dr. Bronner’s label you know … Continue reading

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Kvass: having your bread and drinking it too

Honestly, I owe Wikipedia for this one.  I found out about kvass (or квас) while browsing articles about various homebrewed concoctions, although I probably actually first heard of it in Russian class and then forgot about it along with almost … Continue reading

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