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Winter herb strategy

My summer herb strategy is to have the herb garden downstairs so every time I need any I get a 25 stair times two stairclimbing routine.  My winter herb strategy is to prune the garden back and let it overwinter, … Continue reading

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Kitchen improvery

Yesterday K. was home all day so we took advantage of what turned out to officially be the last oddly balmy day of January before the snow blew in. We went out to the garden and got some last minute … Continue reading

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Jam session

I learned a few things from my most recent day of jam making.  First: I’m good for about one straight hour of pawing through prickly blackberry bushes.  Second: waking up extra early to go berry picking before the shop opens … Continue reading

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While I was in central NY, my allergies got so bad I couldn’t breathe through my nose (my TMI, my blog) and C. put me under a towel over a pot of steaming water with a few drops of peppermint … Continue reading

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Goodbye train tracks, hello berries

Well, they finally took the tracks away.  And we didn’t lose anything in the process, even if we’d been a little worried about the apple tree.  (Which then almost blew over in yesterday’s wind storm, until N. and I staked … Continue reading

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