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Kitchen improvery

Yesterday K. was home all day so we took advantage of what turned out to officially be the last oddly balmy day of January before the snow blew in. We went out to the garden and got some last minute … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: the perfect snack

So I bake with Fancy & Delicious now – more on that later!  We were up all night Friday baking bread to sell at the farmer’s market, and after coming home and sleeping till 2pm I harvested the rest of … Continue reading

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Foraged salad: chive power edition

Now that it’s almost summer, outdoor flora are busting out all over (anyone else have particularly bad seasonal allergies this year?) and N.’s bedroom garden experiment is beginning to take off.  Which means that we’ve been treated to some pretty … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: Ramps

Home brewing has been a social godsend.  Brewing sessions are often social occasions, it turns out: knowledge and food are shared along with beer.  At a recent brew day in Holland NY, smoky homemade hot sauce and some excellent sharp … Continue reading

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