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State of the Friends and Hammers

I don’t even want to see how long it’s been since I updated this, it’s potentially depressing.  Instead, here is a look at where we are now: First and foremost, the base of operation has changed from the Woodchuck compound … Continue reading

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Peter Reinhart might as well have titled his The Bread Baker’s Apprentice something like The Bread Baker’s Indispensable Bible, honestly.  I have some blogquaintances who are baking their way through the whole thing alphabetically, which seems like a great way … Continue reading

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One for the weekend: The many uses of citrus scraps

Instead of tossing citrus peels into our kitchen compost bin, I’ve started putting them in a specific tub for several reasons.  First, we received some blueberry bushes which love acidic soil, so we’ve been saving lemon peels for blueberry-specific compost. … Continue reading

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So I had a guest in town: C., a lifelong friend with a long weekend to kill.  She had two requirements for her trip.  First, we had to visit Niagara Falls.  Second, we had to go to an auction. So … Continue reading

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Kvass: having your bread and drinking it too

Honestly, I owe Wikipedia for this one.  I found out about kvass (or квас) while browsing articles about various homebrewed concoctions, although I probably actually first heard of it in Russian class and then forgot about it along with almost … Continue reading

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